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Carl Deffner Cocktail Shaker Models

vintage Cocktail Shaker, Carl Deffner

 Boston Shaker, Hartmann 10´s
Cocktail Shaker, Reed and Barton 20´s
 Cocktail Shaker, Boston Shaker, double tin shaker, 1908, germany, munich Cocktail Shaker, Reed and Barton, Vintage, 1920
No.: 5 - Cocktail Shaker from Hartmann Metallwarenfabrik, Munich, Germany. ca. 1900-1906. new silverplate, engraved "P. Bittong", some dents

No.: 26 - Cocktail Shaker, Reed & Barton from 1926, silver plate



 Traveling Cocktail Shaker Set, Germany,
 20´s - 30´s
 Travel Cocktail Shaker Set Germany  original travel Cocktail Shaker Set Germany
 vintage travel Cocktail Shaker Set Germany  Travel Cocktail Shaker Set, cups, Germany
No.: 110 - Original vintage travel Cocktail Shaker, use as a Bosten Shaker and 3 piece Shaker, with 3 cups and cherry container. Engraved with the name " Jac " and on the Cocktail Shaker bottom the year 1930.



Cocktail Shaker, DRGM, Germany
 10´s to 20´s
Cocktail Shaker, germany, DRGM, vintage Cocktail Shaker D.R.G.M - Deutsches Reichs-Gebrauchsmuster

 vintage cocktail shaker, germany, 1910

DRGM cocktail shaker, germany
No.: 10 - DRGM - Deutsches Reichs-Gebrauchsmuster Cocktail Shaker Set, ca. 1910-1920, original & polished